Money Back Policy

At The CPE Educator, customer convenience is the main priority and we endeavor to make it better with each ticking of clock.

We appreciate your decision of opting The CPE Educator's courses and giving us a chance to serve you with our services. We strive hard to provide you the best of the webinar programs to meet your education needs. At the same time we offer easy and smooth money refund policy to uphold our customer centric approach. 

Cancellations, Substitutions and Refund policy


Cancellation of a webinar should be done at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of webinar. Only those cancellations requests which are received 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the webinar are refundable.


  • Substitution refers to either swapping a webinar for another one scheduled at a different day or replacing registered participant with new attendee.
  • Substitutions are permitted and should be informed at least 48 hours prior to the commencement time of webinar.

Substitution/Cancellations will not be accepted if:

  • The attendee misses the session.
  • The attendee unable to receive the webinar instructions due to e-mail bounce/firewall protection or system incompatibility issue occurring at the attendee’s own end.

Refund Policy

Live Webinar/On-Demand/Pre-Recorded:

We are committed to provide refund of full amount if the cancellation of live webinars / On-Demand /Pre Recorded Webinars is made under following criteria-

  • Cancellation done by The CPE Educator due to unforeseen circumstances or technical problems.
  • If a registrant intimates us about inability to attend the training session at least 24 hours prior to the training date. Intimation of cancellation must be sent via email at (please mention contact email here)

No refund will be applicable in the following scenario-

  • Inability to attend the session due any technical problem at customer/attendee’s end.
  • If the attendee leaves the webinar in the middle of it/after logging in.
  • If the attendee does not receive webinar login credentials, inform us at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled time of the webinar, no refund will be applicable once the webinar is conducted.

DVD/ Transcript/Any Digital Download:

  • We provide 100% money back, in case of cancellation of DVD/CD or Transcript before webinar scheduled date.
  • No refund is possible in the case of DVDs/CD or Transcript or any other digital downloads. If a damaged or non-functional DVD/CD is received, then customer shall return it within 20 days after receipt of product. We will replace it with the new product. 

COMBO Purchase:

This section covers the money back policy for the purchases made in combination for Live Webinar, On-demand, DVD, Transcript or any digital download.

  • In case of partial cancellation of a combo order you will be charged for the original price of the product you are keeping and the amount of product returned will be refunded.  For e.g. - If you have purchased Combo of live Webinar + DVD and willing to return DVD for any reasons. You will be charged according to the original price of the Live Webinar and rest of the amount will refund back to your preferred account.
  • The money-back and return policies outlined for Live/On-demand/Pre-recorded Webinar and DVD or any digital download stands allied with this combo purchase policy. 

If you are left with any queries regarding our return or refund policy, please get in touch with our Customer Care.


The CPE Educator webinars are subject to customer demand. Were serve the right to cancel or postpone webinars on any subject at short notice. We accept no responsibility or liability for any losses caused due to cancellation or postpone of the webinar.