CMS’s Final Rule for Office/Outpatient EM services


June 30, 2020


Jan Rasmussen

  1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 120 Minutes

* Not able to attend the live session? We can arrange an on-demand session for You. Please call 1-951-801-2324


CMS has for the last several years focused proposed changes on high value care for patients instead of cumbersome paperwork. This session will focus on how new documentation rules for office/outpatient services 99202-99215 are intended to promote quality of care rather than paperwork. Learn how to apply the new rules of medical decision making or time as the prime factors in determining the level of service while maintaining or improving reimbursement. Also, discuss how Trump’s Patient over Paperwork program continues to drive CMS’s proposals for EM services and documentation standards and compare AMA’s new Decision Making table from previous Decision Making criteria.


Session Highlights:


  1. Prepare offices for 1/1/2021 changes in appropriate documentation for office/outpatient codes 
  2. Discuss reduced documentation changes to reduce burden on providers.
  3. Clarify the new proposed guidelines to base office EM services on time or decision making alone rather than the 3 key components of history, exam and medical decision making.
  4. Understand the concept of total time versus counselling time.
  5. Identify how new guidelines may improve the office’s bottom line reimbursement.
  6. Review risk factors related to new documentation criteria for office/outpatient services.


Who Should Attend: 

  1. Health Care Providers
  2. Coders and Billers
  3. Office Managers
  4. Auditors
  5. Denial Resolution Teams